4 Things You Need To Know About Gazebos

There’s nothing like a large backyard that leads out into a woodlot, a ravine, or out into the country. The feeling that behind your home you can escape into a rustic, pastoral setting is irreplaceable. But how often do you really appreciate the natural assets that surround your home? It may strike a lovely scene from the kitchen window while you’re cooking dinner, but to really appreciate the natural beauty of nearby woods, you have to get out there.

A gazebo can help extend your range when you’re out in the backyard. There’s hardly ever a reason to go past the back deck unless you’re mowing grass or headed to the shed. Adding a space where you can relax on your own or host company closer to the woods at the boundaries of your property can help you feel immersed in the natural wonders right in your own backyard. The first thing you need to do is get a beautiful gazebo where you will enjoy spending time, whether it’s with a book and a cup of tea or a cocktail and company.

Placing your gazebo is a delicate task. Put in the wrong place and you may find yourself rarely going out to enjoy it. These are the 4 things you need to know before you place your gazebo:

  1. The View from Your Window

The best part about a gazebo is long summer afternoons outside and in the shade, but most of the time, the gazebo is something you’ll be looking at from your home. On those busy weeks when you don’t have a minute to spare, you can still appreciate your gazebo as a beautiful fixture in your backyard. Make sure you have a clear line of sight to appreciate your gazebo from your home.

  1. The Setting

There are two things you want to achieve with the setting for your gazebo: a beautiful view from the gazebo and comfortable furniture. Setting your gazebo near woods or a garden are what it’s all about. Get closer to the outdoors without leaving behind the comforts of home. Furniture should be comfortable but appropriate to the location, i.e., if it’s far from your home or storage, use weather-proof furniture that you don’t have to tuck away when it rains.

  1. How to Get There

You need a clear, well-defined path to your gazebo, especially as it gets farther away from your back door or deck. Whether it’s a stone path or lamps that will light up the way when you’re out there in the evening, an accessible path means you’re more likely to use your gazebo.

  1. Ambiance

Don’t just keep in mind the view, also keep in mind the sound. Keep in mind that if you’re going close to the property line you take a minute to listen. Can you hear traffic from a nearby arterial? Will you be listening to the neighbor’s air conditioning all summer long?

Keep these tips in mind and you can find the ideal location for a gazebo on your property. Then kick back, relax, and soak in the long summer weekends.